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Tour details

Main tour (14 nights): $6,890. $450 in single room.

Extension (+13 nights): +$6,790.

Starting date: April 20, 2023.

Group size: 4–7 people. 3 spots left

Reviews: 5/5 (3 reviews)

Nights 2–3Anjozorobe
Nights 4–8Andasibe
Nights 9–12Ankanin'ny Nofy
Night 13Andasibe
Night 14Antsirabe (extension)
Nights 15–17Ranomafana
Nights 18–19Ambalavao
Nights 20–22Isalo
Nights 23–24Arboretum
Nights 25–26Ifaty

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Cancellation policy If you are unable to attend the tour, you are welcome to send someone in your place, apply to another Tropical Herping event, or request a refund less a handling fee of 5% or $100, whichever is more. However, because we pre-pay all local services we can only accept credit or refund requests no less than 60 business days prior to the start of the event.

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What is included?

Package based on two people sharing a room.

All meals and accommodation.

All river and road transfers.

Guides and tour leaders.

Park entrance fees.

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Additional nights due to flight cancellations.

Alcoholic beverages, bottled water and snacks.

Health insurance.

International and domestic airfares.


Phone calls or messages.

Photo equipment.

Visa fees.

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Experts on this tour

Jose Vieira

Jose Vieira
Biologist, photographer, tour leader

Frank Pichardo

Frank Pichardo
Tour leader, photographer, field researcher

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Main tour

The main part of this herping tour will take place in the humid forests of eastern Madagascar, an area having the greatest number of amphibian and reptile species in the country. You will spend 14 nights exploring three completely different localities: a montane forest, a rainforest, and a humid coastal forest.

Boophis viridis
Mantella baroni
Geckolepis sp
Furcifer pardalis
Uroplatus phantasticus
Boophis guibei
Heterixalus madagascariensis
Boophis pyrrhus
Uroplatus sikorae
Brookesia thieli
Sanzinia madagascariensis
Calumma parsonii
Calumma gallus
Paroedura gracilis
Uroplatus sikorae


If you join the tour extension to the south of Madagascar, you will visit the world-renowned Ranomafana National Park, home to more than 200 species of amphibians and reptiles. After that, you will visit three different dry forest localities, where you will finally see the baobabs and Madagascar's iconic sandstone formations, deep canyons, dry forests, and grasslands.

Phelsuma standingi
Uroplatus phantasticus
Mimophis mahfalensis
Furcifer major
Phelsuma standingi
Calumma nasutum
Mimophis mahfalensis
Boophis occidentalis
Paroedura picta
Blaesodactylus sakalava
Paroedura picta
Calumma crypticum

Other wildlife

Although this tour is designed so you spend most of your time photographing amphibians and reptiles, inevitably, you will come across other wildlife. You are in Madagascar! You will have time to photograph lemurs (including the enigmatic Aye-Aye), tenrecs, birds, and insects.

Propithecus verreauxi
Trachelophorus giraffa
Microcebus rufus
Argema mitrei
Echinops telfairi
Varecia variegata
Hemicentetes semispinosus
Propithecus coquereli
Eulemur coronatus

I was able to see so many things, ranging from reptiles, to amphibians, to birds, to mammals (the different lemurs were amazing), to insects and different plants, including the baobab trees! Everything was wonderful! Our guides assisted me in seeing the different creatures, and when I wanted help, to photograph them. Our accommodations were very nice and comfortable. We visited both the eastern rainforests and the arid south/southwestern part of the country. It was a nice study in contrasts.

Mitchell and Connie Berk, United States

The universal fantasy of biologists all the world over is to witness the sheer brilliance of Madagascar's biodiversity. I can think of none other than Tropical Herping to take you on this adventure of a lifetime. Not only will they find you invisible and infinitesimal creatures, they will give you an unforgettably joyful experience and you will come home with a portfolio of fantastic images.

Celina Chien, China

Coming back home it is almost hard to believe that I really have taken these pictures myself. This is what travelling with TH makes it such a unique experience. Thank you, Lucas, Ale and the whole team for this unforgettable time spent together in Madagascar.

Ulrike Fischer, Switzerland

Frequently asked questions

Am I supposed to pay the tour price at once?

You can confirm your booking by making a 50% deposit and pay the remaining balance at least 60 days before departure.

Can I make a reservation for this tour but on 2023?

Yes, you can confirm your booking now by making a 50% deposit and pay the remaining balance at least 60 days before departure.

Can I pay the Madagascar in-country visa with credit card or US dollars?

Ideally, you should pay the Madagascar in-country visa with the local currency. It is not possible to pay with a credit card.

Does the tour take place during the nights?

The tour includes both diurnal and nocturnal activities.

How do I book my spot?

The first thing you need to do to reserve your spot in this tour is contact us using our booking form. Second, you will need to review and approve the itinerary, invoice, and release of liability we will send you. Finally, you will have to make a deposit to confirm your booking.

Can you get rubber boots for me?

No, we cannot get rubber boots for you in Madagascar. We suggest you purchase them before the tour begins.

Is there any chance to rent a snake hook?

Yes, we can provide you with a snake hook that you can use during the tour.

Is there a chance to arrange a private tour?

Yes, most of the tours we offer are private.

Will the tour be cancelled if one or more participants are unable to join?

This tour will run with as few as two participants. If one of two participants makes a reservation and then cancels, it would affect the tour if no payment has been made to lodges, transports, and guides (which usually cannot be refunded).

Which domestic flights should I purchase?

You will receive specific instructions about which domestic flights to buy and how. This information is included in the detailed itinerary we will send you.

What herping gear do you recommend?

We recommend that you bring a durable waterproof headlamp, a rain poncho, and a DSLR camera, ideally one with a macro lens and off-camera flash.

What if there is no other participant willing to share a room?

If you are willing to share the room, you do not have to pay the single supplement fee, regardless of whether you end up sharing the room or not.

What is the meeting point on the starting day?

Our team will pick you up at your hotel of choice.

What kind of trouser is needed?

You can bring any durable but lightweight trousers that are easy to dry.

Which vaccination certificates do I need?

The three most important vaccines to get before visiting the tropics are against yellow fever, tetanus, and hepatitis. However, you do not need a vaccination certificate to access any reserve or national park during this tour.

Will the guides catch the animals for the participants to take close-up pictures?

Whenever possible, all photography by participants will be done in-situ. Animals will only be handled if they are the focus of a research or conservation project.

Will there be laundry service, electricity, and wifi at all sites?

Usually there is electricity at all of the lodges we will visit. Wifi is available only at some. Laundry service is usually available; if not, the lodge's staff can also offer to handwash your clothes.

Will you pick us up at the airport upon arrival?

Yes, a member of our team will pick you up at the airport.