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Reptiles of Ecuador | Contributor | Join and fund an expedition

There are only 35 species of reptiles in Ecuador left to be photographed before the book is complete. These are the rarest of Ecuador's 459 reptiles. To find them, a field expedition has to take place to the remote areas where these species occur. You can help us achieve this goal by funding the logistics of the expedition while you embark on it with our team of biologists. Below, you will find a list of the most important ones, along with their duration, team size and overall cost.

BabahoyoTrachyboa gularis
Emmochliophis fugleri
10Scientific station$2,300
PodocarpusTropidophis taczanowskyi6Scientific station$1,950
OtokikiEmmochliophis miops
Sphaerodactylus scapularis
Synophis bicolor
PastazaEchinanthera undulata
Eutrachelophis bassleri
Morunasaurus annularis
Cercosaura manicata
Anolis bombiceps
WolfConolophus marthae7Camping$32,000
CuyabenoMicrurus langsdorfii
Atractus collaris
Rhinobothryum lentiginosum
Philodryas viridissima

If you want to fund, in whole or in part, one of these expeditions, send us an email and we will start planning.

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