We need your help. Eco-tourism (the economic activity that has successfully fueled our projects during the last decade) has come to a complete stop due to the growing COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, our ability to survive financially as well as to continue to fund critical research and conservation projects may soon come to a complete stop. As the world’s only tourism-funded research and conservation initiative working on amphibians and reptiles, we have never relied on donations to stay afloat… but today, we are facing an unprecedented challenge, and we ask you to team up with us in the protection of these wonderful creatures and the forests they live in.

By supporting our cause, you are effectively teaming-up with us in reaching the following research and conservation goals in 2020, which are:

Rainforest icon

To reach 200 hectares of rainforest saved

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To reach 30 new species described

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To publish our Reptiles of Ecuador book

Scientific papers icon

To publish 4 research papers

Carbon emission icon

To surpass the 12,500 tonnes of CO2e kept away from the atmosphere

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To establish ex-situ colonies for 14 possibly extinct frogs species