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President and Director of Photography

Lucas Bustamante is a biologist and a wildlife conservation photojournalist from Ecuador. He co-founded TH in 2009. He is the author of two books (Reptiles of the Galápagos and The Amphibians and Reptiles of Mindo) and has described eight new species to science. Lucas's primary goal is to use photography to promote environmental and cultural conservation. He is also Vicepresident and co-founder of Savia Fund, an Ecuadorian Nonprofit that works in the legal defense of nature, environmental and cultural conservation, and visual storytelling. His photographic work has been published in National Geographic, BBC Wildlife, Audubon, GEO, and other magazines, books, photo exhibitions, and articles. Nature Picture Library represents his images. Lucas is a Wildlife Photographer of the Year and Nature’s Best Windland Smith Rice prizewinner. Also, he is a member of the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP).

Pristimantis labiosus
Alchisme grossa
Bradypus variegatus
Puma concolor
Chrysuronia oenone
Rhincodon typus
Amblyrhynchus cristatus
Micrurus heyeri
Marmosops impavidus
Microhyla borneensis
Conolophus marthae
Chelonoidis duncanensis
Phoebastria irrorata
Equus quagga
Hyalinobatrachium aureoguttatum

Behind the scenes

Lucas Bustamante has been bitten by countless snakes, chased by elephants, and has dived along whale sharks. He grew up in the Ecuadorian outdoors which led him to become a passionate biologist and a conservation photojournalist. When taking a break from work, Lucas spends his time diving and playing soccer.

Lucas Bustamante holding a Green Anconda in the Ecuadorian Amazon
Lucas Bustamante giving a TED talk
Lucas Bustamante climbing a palm tree
Lucas Bustamante leading a photo safari
Lucas Bustamante holding a Panama hat
Lucas Bustamante teaching photography
Lucas Bustamante and Nathaly Padilla in Galápagos, Ecuador
Lucas Bustamante in Bellavista Reserve, Ecuador
Lucas Bustamante giving a talk
New species described


New species described

Acres of rainforest saved


Acres of rainforest saved

Books published


Books published

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Venomous snake bite

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Scuba dives

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Charges by elephants