Jose Vieira is field biologist, wildlife photographer and tour leader from Venezuela. From a young age, he became passionate about nature, particularly amphibians and reptiles, which led him to be part of countless field expeditions in his native country, where he made herpetological contributions to the Museo de Historia Natural La Salle. Currently, his contributions to science continue in Ecuador with the rediscovery of Atelopus bomolochos and A. nepiozomus, and with his expeditions to remote areas of the country under herpetological projects of Tropical Herping and Universidad San Francisco de Quito.

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Phyllodactylus reissii
Cruziohylas craspedopus
Dendropsophus triangulum
Sphaenorhynchus lacteus
Stenocercus iridescens
Phyllodactylus baurii
Oophaga sylvatica
Chironius multiventris
Dracaena guianensis
Callicebus toppini
Bolitoglossa orestes
Pristimantis ruidus
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New species described

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Acres of rainforest saved

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