Jorge Castillo is an Ecuadorian environmental visual communicator passionate about nature and its stories. He obtained his Biology degree from Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador (PUCE) and his M.A. in Photography at Ohio University, where he is pursuing his MFA in Communication Media and Arts. He is in charge of Multimedia and Operations at Tropical Herping. Jorge has spent years studying and documenting the unique ecology of Ecuador’s highest peaks and paramos, which made him a great naturalist and tour leader as well. He is also a contributor to the photographic projects Yasuni en Imágenes and Wao Mimo, which portrayed Yasuni National Park's natural wonders, cultures, and threats. Jorge likes to find creative ways to tell stories about nature by combining his passion for nature with his geeky abilities. Jorge’s work has been featured in National Geographic and BBC Wildlife Magazine.

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Acres of rainforest saved

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Simultaneous mosquito bites

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