Policy of health and safety

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This Tropical Herping’s (TH) Health & Safety Policy has been designed and put in place to ensure that Tropical Herping’s directors, employees, partners, and service providers make it their priority to safeguard the health and safety of event participants at all times.

Image showing an expedition team wearing helmets and life jackets

The policy:

    The health and safety of TH’s clients is of paramount importance to our directors, employees, partners, and service providers. Therefore, this document forms a central part of TH’s corporate culture and ethos, and is placed at the heart of our operations at all times. Whenever possible, Tropical Herping will only use established, accredited suppliers for transportation and lodging in the countries in which we operate. We choose suppliers who have all the necessary regulatory accreditations and licenses to operate and provide the services they do. Tropical Herping partners with lodges, hotels, and scientific stations that maintain an up-to-date fire safety and health and hygiene certification from the local regulatory authorities. We choose our partners for land transportation based on their commitment to ensure the regular inspection, upkeep, and maintenance of the vehicles used for transfers and/or tours and excursions. They also must have proof that they perform their services with liability insurance cover. Tropical Herping’s staff has the necessary permits for field research and is uniquely qualified to lead field activities such as scientific expeditions, herping excursions, and photo tours. TH’s guides and biologists are trained in field herpetology and survival in remote locations. Tropical Herping makes it a mandatory requirement of its booking terms and conditions that every event participant provides evidence of having travel insurance including public liability, personal injury, illness and medical, and life cover in place for any trip booked. This Tropical Herping’s Health & Safety policy is kept up-to-date and under constant review.