Greg Basco is a professional nature photographer and environmentalist based in Costa Rica. Since 2015, he became an honorary fellow of Tropical Herping after his pivotal role in establishing the company's photo tours in Peru and Costa Rica. Greg's images have been honored in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year and Nature’s Best competitions and have appeared in numerous magazines around the world. Greg’s latest project was a coffee table book on the natural wonders of Costa Rica. His website Deep Green Photography is a popular source of inspiration for photographers around the globe. In addition to his own photography, Greg is also co-founder of Foto Verde Tours, Costa Rica’s first and only company specializing in photographic tourism.

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Tapirus bairdii
Aramides cajaneus
Boissoneau flavescens
Ara macao
Corytophanes cristatus
Espadarana prosoblepon
Tenorio volcano
Iguana iguana
Alouatta palliata
Ara macao
Pteroglossus torquatus
Cyanerpes cyaneus
Gandoca Manzanillo
Glossophaga soricina
Playa Dominicalito
Sarcoramphus papa
Nauyaca waterfalls
Ramphastos sulfuratus
Oophaga pumilio
Vicugna vicugna
Corytophanes cristatus
Río Celeste
Agalychnis callidryas