Frank Pichardo is a Peruvian wildlife photographer and tour leader who has successfully led over a hundred tours and photo workshops since 2009. He is the CEO and Tourism Director at TH and our most experienced tour leader. Frank obtained his degree from the Tourism School in Lima, where he also became fluent in English and German. However, most of his experience in the field comes from his almost a decade of work as a naturalist deep in the Peruvian Upper Amazon. At the moment, his work is focused on photographing nature for conservation and education purposes, and always with his good humor and knowledge. Frank’s work has been featured in National Geographic and BBC Wildlife Magazine.

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Trachyboa boulengeri
Panthera onca
Hypsiboas cinerascens
Ramphastos tucanus
Sula nebouxii
Sapajus macrocephalus
Saguinus fuscicollis
Elephas maximus
Pteronura brasiliensis
Callicebus toppini
Melanosuchus niger
Bothriechis schlegelii
Semnopithecus priam
Panthera pardus
Corallus batesii
Phyllomedusa tomopterna
Enyalioides palpebralis
Lagothrix lagothricha
Urodus sp
Gastrotheca cornuta
Boissonneaua jardini
Dendropsophus bifurcus
Psittacula krameri
Pavo cristatus
Alouatta seniculus
Sula nebouxii
Pilherodius pileatus
Saguinus tripartitus
Ocreatus underwoodii
Panthera pardus
Phoenicopterus ruber
Zalophus wollebaeki
Falco rufigularis
Acrocinus longimanus
Sapajus macrocephalus
Amblyrhynchus cristatus
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