Actively involved in underwater and terrestrial wildlife photography, nature conservation and scientific divulgation for more than 30 years, Andrea and Antonella Ferrari are a husband-and-wife team from Italy who have authored travel and nature magazine articles and more than a dozen coffee-table books and guidebooks about terrestrial and marine life. In 2004, they were awarded the coveted World Grand Prize for the Best Book About the Sea at the Antibes International Festival of the Underwater Image. In 2015, they became honorary fellows of Tropical Herping after their pivotal role in establishing the company's photo tours in Namibia, Madagascar and Sri Lanka. Currently, they are fully devoting themselves to the publication of their free online magazine Anima Mundi - Adventures in Wildlife Photography.

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Rhinoceros unicornis
Pelecanus philippensis
Ovibos moschatus
Phyllium giganteum
Carcharhinus longimanus
Osteocephalus taurinus
Pleurosicya mossambica
Amphiprion nigripes
Boiga dendrophila
Laticauda colubrina
Opistognathus dendriticus
Hippocampus bargibanti