Publications | Articles | Tambopataby Tropical Herping — July 2013

Rainforest Expeditions' Lodges herping trip report.

Peru, an earthly paradise for amphibians and reptiles. This country is home to a stunning 927 species of herps, from colorful poison-frogs, delicate glassfrogs and enigmatic rainfrogs to fierce alligators and poisonous snakes.

In the last years, Tropical Herping has focused its efforts on Ecuador. This time, our staff crossed borders to get into the vast forests of the Peruvian Amazon, in the area of Tambopata, where the Rainforest Expeditions' Lodges received us. The lodges are located in southeastern Peru, and are famous in the region for having extremely well-preserved forests, excellent service and luxurious accommodations. Also, the lodges are world-renowned for their parrot clay lick, the largest in the world.

Rainforest Expeditions' Lodges are an unique natural paradise. In five nights, a family of Giant Otters (Pteronura brasiliensis), troops of different species of monkeys, seven Jaguars (Panthera onca), countless Capybaras (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris), herds of the White-lipped Peccary (Tayassu pecari) and hundreds of macaws visited the lodges.

Amphibians and reptiles were also surprising. Despite the heavy dry season, we found 37 species, most of them congregated along the few remaining water-bodies. The highlights were the adorable Giant Monkey-Frog (Phyllomedusa bicolor), the jittery Tiger Watersnake (Helicops angulatus), the enigmatic Red Terrier-Snake (Xenopholis scalaris), the colorful Three-striped Poison-Frog (Ameerega trivittata) and the tiny Bolivian Balloon-Frog (Hamptophryne boliviana).

Soon we will visit again Rainforest Expeditions' Lodges, next time in the rainy season. We are confident we will easily duplicate the number of herps species found. In the meantime, we are going to miss watching the Green Ameivas (Ameiva ameiva) basking in each corner of the lodge.

Bufonidae Mitred Toad Sapo común sudamericano Rhinella margaritifera
Marine Toad Sapo marino Rhinella marina
Craugastoridae Kangaroo Groundfrog Cutín bocón canguro Oreobates cruralis
Diadem Rainfrog Cutín diadema Pristimantis diadematus
Coconut Rainfrog Cutín coco Pristimantis fenestratus
Dendrobatidae Aureole Nurse-Frog Rana nodriza aureola Allobates femoralis
Pale-striped Poison-Frog Rana venenosa albilínea Ameerega hahneli
Three-striped Poison-Frog Rana venenosa de tres líneas Ameerega trivittata
Hylidae Aureole Clownfrog Rana payaso aureola Dendropsophus leucophyllatus
Banded Treefrog Rana arbórea de bandas Hypsiboas fasciatus
Basin Treefrog Rana arborea lanceolada Hypsiboas lanciformis
Taurine Spinyback Rana dorsiespinosa taurina Osteocephalus taurinus
Giant Monkey-Frog Rana mono gigante Phyllomedusa bicolor
White-lined Monkey-Frog Rana mono de líneas Phyllomedusa vaillanti
Red Snouted-Treefrog Ranápida rojiza Scinax ruber
Leptodactylidae Amazonian Rioter-Frog Rana bullanguera amazónica Engystomops petersi
Lesser Jungle-Frog Rana selvática menor Leptodactylus andreae
Padded Jungle-Frog Rana selvática almohadilla Leptodactylus discodactylus
Painted Jungle-Frog Rana selvática pintada Lithodytes lineatus
Microhylidae Amazonian Balloon-Frog Rana globito amazónica Chiasmocleis bassleri
Bolivian Baloon-Frog Rana globito boliviana Hamptophryne boliviana
Alligatoridae Spectacled Caiman Caimán blanco Caiman crocodilus
Crowned Caimanlet Caimán enano coronado Paleosuchus trigonatus
Polychrotidae Slender Anole Anolis esbelto Anolis fuscoauratus
Scincidae Black-spotted Skink Escinco de puntos negros Mabuya nigropunctata
Sphaerodactylidae Rainbow Sun-Gecko Gecko de sol arcoiris Gonatodes humeralis
Teiidae Green Ameiva Ameiva verde Ameiva ameiva
Amazonian Whiptail Lagartija látigo amazónica Kentropyx altamazonica
Forest Whiptail Lagartija látigo selvática Kentropyx pelviceps
Gold Tegu Lobo pollero Tupinambis teguixin
Collared Tree-Runner Trepatroncos collarejo Plica plica
Colubridae Green Sipo Machete verde Chironius exoletus
Tiger Watersnake Culebra acuática tigre Helicops angulatus
Spectacled Blunthead Cordoncillo de anteojos Imantodes lentiferus
Red Terrier-Snake Culebra terrier roja Xenopholis scalaris
Podocnemidae Mottled River-Turtle Charapa moteada Podocnemis unifilis
Paleosuchus trigonatus Pristimantis fenestratus Ameerega hahneli Anolis fuscoauratus
Ameerega hahneli Phyllomedusa bicolor Xenopholis scalaris Ameerega trivittata
Scinax ruber Hamptophryne boliviana Anolis fuscoauratus Hamptophryne boliviana
Pristimantis diadematus Allobates femoralis Paleosuchus trigonatus Plica plica
Phyllomedusa bicolor Helicops angulatus Leptodactylus discodactylus